Ammonite Fossil Pewter Spoon

Ammonite Fossil Pewter Spoon

Code: 10194


This exquisite little pewter spoon has a beautifully detailed shell bowl and an ammonite on the end of a curvy shaped handle. 

Geology gifts

Ideal presents for fossil hunters.

Our silver coloured pewter ammonite fossil spoons are completely food friendly and can be used for sugar, salt, coffee, tea, or anything you like!

Ammonite meaning

Ammonites are regarded as a symbol of luck and good fortune. Considered as a symbol of wealth they are believed to attract prosperity and abundance.

Did you know...
The name Ammonite comes from the spiral shape of their fossilised shells resembling tightly coiled rams horns. Pliny the Elder called ammonite fossils “Ammonis Cornua” (Horns of Ammon) because the Egyptian god Ammon (Amun) was typically depicted wearing ram's horns.

In medieval England ammonites were thought to be petrified snakes and were called Snake stones or Serpent stones and were believed to provide protection from snake bites.