Sycamore Key Pewter Spoon

Sycamore Key Pewter Spoon

Code: 10202


A perfectly textured sycamore seed makes a striking handle on this little pewter caddy spoon.

Nature lovers gifts

Our lead-free pewter sycamore spoon is totally food-friendly and can be used for sugar, coffee, tea, salt, or anything you like!

Guaranteed to rekindle memories of childhood walks in the wood.

Sycamore Love Spoons

In Montgomeryshire it was believed that sycamore trees kept the fairies away and stopped them spoiling the milk.

Sycamore was the favoured wood for making 'love spoons' in Wales. These wedding gifts are linked with rings and were traditionally made from a single piece of wood.

And who hasn’t used the winged seeds or ‘helicopters’ in flying competitions as children?