September 2014 newsletter

The kids have gone back to school, the crabbing equipment has gone back in the cupboard, and the Carnser car park will soon be free again! While the nights will be drawing in pretty soon, there’s still plenty to look forward to for the rest of the year at Artemis Homes and Antiques.
Our range of Sashi bedspreads and throws start flying out of the door at this time of year. And then there’s always Christmas to look forward to. If you’re looking for that special something for that special someone, you’ll find that Artemis – with its blend of old and new - is a treasure trove for unique gifts.
The summer also has a remarkable effect on the look of our shop. If you haven’t been in for a few weeks, expect to see many new pieces!

Early 20th century
oak refectory table


One such new piece is this fantastic
Arts and Crafts oak table.
With a wonderfully rich colour, lovely detail on the end struts, it is a 
perfect size for sitting six people - 5ft x 2ft 6 inches.

Anyone for cocktails?

Perhaps our favourite piece in the shop right now is this
Queen Anne style Burr Walnut drinks cabinet.

It has fantastic mirrored interior with mixing shelf
and olive sticks


The lower unit is a cabinet and shelves for storage

Royal Doulton

I have a particular love for Royal Doulton. Whilst i am generally drawn to pieces from around the 1880s, I have recently acquired a couple of pieces of reproduction ware from the late 1920s/early 1930s.

In 1880, senior designers started producing designs for reproduction when the demand for unique pieces became too high. These designs were given X numbers, the artist initials stamped on the base are that of the senior assitants who worked on them, not the designer.

This fantastic bowl below is stamped for Maud Bowden who worked for Doulton from 1903 - 1937.

New quilted bedspreads
& throws
coming soon


This fantastic Benares quilted bedspread will soon be in the shop. It has fantastic autumn  colours and a beautiful velvet edge.

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